Friday, August 17, 2012

Carl Olinselot Driving Home From Sierra Kills Site As A Changed Man




 Breaking: Roger Patterson Lost Reel About To Be Released By Mike Rugg This Sunday




 Art Bell Is Not Dying Of Liver Cancer [Rumor Put To Rest, Right?] (Update: Art's Friend Clarifies)




 Walter Higgins Claims Lionsgates Stole His Bigfoot Attack Footage




 New Jack Link's Messin' With Sasquatch Commercials Takes Him Out Of The Wild




 Christopher Munch on the excellent Sasquatch film 'Letters From The Big Man'




 Interview With Bigfoot Shooter's Polygraph Examiner Bigfoot Lunch Club

Justin Smeja appears to be telling the truth, at least according to the woman who conducted the polygraph test on him. We still are not convinced but the results are surprising, although they can also be interpreted as completely useless, depending on how you view polygraph testing. Some research has put the validity of all polygraph testing into question, but it is still employed by police investigators in many cases. In other controversial cryptid news, Karl Shuker pursues the elusive black puma throughout North and South America. Shuker gets down to the The Truth About Black Pumas and states that the reason they may be elusive is that they may not exist at all. Reports of black pumas may be due to simple misidentification. Only one genuine documented photo of an alleged black puma exists.

M K Davis discusses the bottle tosser video

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