Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bigfoot Camping Story [Humor]




 Justin Smeja: What We All Think About His Story




 Possible Pyramid Discovery Proves That Bigfoot Isn't The Only Thing You Can Find Using Google Earth




 Video Segment Of Justin Smeja's Polygraph Examination Coming Soon




 Justin Smeja's Polygraph Examination Video




 Skeptic Guy Clicks Baits And Suggests Bigfoots Are Probably Escape Animals




 Bigfoot Killer Passes Lie Detector Test. What Does it Mean?




 Norwegian Nessie Spotted In Western Norway? The Foreigner

Nessie's Norwegian cousin makes headlines in a recent photograph of three slight and blurry bumps on the surface of a lake in Norway, which could be anything, really, but the photographer is convinced he's captured the elusive Norway Nessie. We are starting to think that if Nessie is ever well-photographed, she is going to turn out to be just as blurry as Bigfoot. Perhaps there's a requirement among cryptids that they should always remain indistinct on film. In California, the Two Rivers Tribune draws a startling conclusion that's been obvious to the rest of us for years now, that Locals [are] Reluctant to Talk About Bigfoot in Public for fear of ridicule. Discovery has a sensible theory in answer to Bigfoot sightings: Could Escaped Animals Account For Bigfoot Reports? Sure, it could explain a few sightings here and there, but it definitely does not cover the sightings reported far and wide all over the world, not to mention those in very remote areas like mountaintops in Tibet.

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