Saturday, August 18, 2012

M.K. Davis Releases Video Of Bigfoot Throwing A Bottle And Making Vocalization




 This Is Why You Should Become FB/FB's Best Friend




 Watch This: Guy In Georgia Allegedly Captured Glimpse Of Bigfoot Running Out From Tree




 Let's Go Ask Regular Folks And See If They Think Bigfoot Is Real Or Not




 Searching For Bigfoot Increasing In Popularity In the Northeast




 WATCH: The Woodsman, The Fourth "Found Footage" Bigfoot Movie of 2012




 Tonight on the Science Channel; UCLA Physicist, "Bigfoot is a UFO Pilot"




 Everything You Didn't Know About the Bryan Sykes' Bigfoot DNA Research




 One Man's Inspiring Story about China's Bigfoot




 Breaking: Roger Patterson Lost Reel About To Be Released By Mike Rugg This Sunday Bigfoot Evidence

Okay, it could be shown this Sunday if Nadia Moore can find a working projector for Patterson's film. This is quite a find as it is part of the lost Bigfoot documentary which was overshadowed by Gimlin's chance sighting of a female sasquatch. One Bigfoot related item you can see, right now, is over at Dale Drinnon's blog. He has some trinkets and baubles that could portray the South American Bigfoot And Patagonian Giants. If that's not enough, Tony Morrill has some Bigfoot Musings. Getting his thoughts together on the subject of hairy hominid, after recent headlines of Justin Smeja passing a polygraph after icing Bigfoot, Tony explains why he remains agnostic on the topic. Next on the docket is a piece from Who Forted?'s Martimer who is left wondering Where In The World Is Alma? One Canadian's constructed cryptid caused quite a buzz with its creepy backstory and visage.

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