Saturday, August 11, 2012

FB/FB So Far Has Made $7,999 From Book Sales-- Cost To Produce Book: $130,000




 The Orang Bati, Indonesia's Bipedal Flying Primate




 The Bigfoot Whisperer Announces New Radio Show: What's Up Bigfoot?




 Childhood Encounters Of Bigfoot




 Boston University Professor: Pursuit of monsters is a male obsession



 Bigfoot Witness Says Ozzy Osbourne's Son's Investigation was Contrived




 New Human Species Identified From Kenya Fossils BBC

Move over Homo floresiensis because there's a new hominid on the block. Deep in the cradle of humanity, Africa, another one of our cousins has been unearthed according to Pallab Ghosh. The latest discovery grants new insight on the evolutionary process and our predecessors. H. rudolfensis isn't the only discovery making headlines. Dr. Karl Shuker has uncovered something neato, The Bonobo or Pygmy Chimpanzee - A New Ape, Incognito. Karl gives the history behind a subspecies who was in our midst but evaded classification 'til the 1920's! With this data, it's no wonder we know in our bones that more of our relatives are waiting to reveal themselves. Our pals over at Disinformation go In Search of the Fouke Monster: Boggy Creek Revisited. They explore the legacy of this landmark and its enduring influence on pop culture.

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