Thursday, August 09, 2012

This Is The Machine They Use To Scan The London Bigfoot Tracks




 Bigfoot County, New Sasquatchploitation Movie Following Found Footage Trend




 WATCH: Trailers for New Bigfoot Movie; The Lost Coast Tapes




 SalonDotCom: Finding Bigfoot is Robust Inanity




 How to Become a Cryptozoologist eHow

Nick Redfern offers a tongue-in-cheek guide to hunting crypto creatures in the UK. With the growing popularity of cryptozoology lately, it might be easier just to hunt the hunters themselves! Speaking of hunting the hunter, Rick Dyer Reports Justin Smeja To The California DFG (Department of Fish and Game), adding yet another dramatic chapter to the soap opera. In other news, Glasgow Boy brings us A Nessie Article from 1934 and Karl Shuker attempts to solve the Riddle Of The Buru, And The Lungfish Link.

Research-Walking and Talking

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