Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Anonymous E-mail: Canoer Rescued By Bigfoot




 The George Edwards Nessie Photograph Loch Ness Mystery

Glasgow boy tosses in his 2 cents on the subject of the new Loch Ness Monster photograph taken by George Edwards that's being splashed across the mainstream media all over the world right now. He thoroughly dissects the evidence and Edward's testimony, and finds that it all falls short of being called genuine without further investigation. It's not the first time Edwards has photographed Nessie. Glasgow Boy points out three main problems in Edward's claim, which involve discrepancies in distance and depth of the lake; lack of more than one photograph, which indicates a stationary object; and most damning of all a quote from a witness in 1986 who remembered George Edwards complaining how hard it was to drag a water-filled tube into the water presumably to photograph a fake Nessie. Case closed. We wonder what Carl Linnaeus would make of such cryptid creatures like Nessie and Bigfoot. Linnaeus actually included cryptids in his exhaustive, detailed Systema Naturae, including dragons and manticores but also antelopes and narwhals which have since been proven to exist:Cryptids spotlighted in a text viewed as the foundation of modern zoology. If Linnaeus was correct about those creatures virtually undiscovered in the 18th century, what does that say for our cryptozoological research today?

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