Saturday, July 07, 2012

Why would the government or anyone want to discourage the Sasquatch from being discovered?




"What the hell was that?!" "Did you hear that?!" "What the f**k is that?!" "Can you see that?!"




Troll Foot Print From Norway




What Is The Origin Of Bigfoot And Is The Creature A Relative Of Humans Or A Species Of Hominid Which Developed Parallel To Us?




How This "Bigfoot Chick" Was Introduced To Bigfoot




Set Your DVR: Bad Boy Monkeys of India By NatGeo




Hilarious Recap Of Syfy's Bigfoot




Chinese Bigfoot Expedition: What the News is not Reporting



The old Snake Scare of Summit County is the story du jour from our pal Ken Summers. Thrill to the yarns spun about the fabled Peninsula Python Posse, their misadventures, and the ophidian legacy celebrated every summer despite being a sore spot for old timers. Sadly Karl Shuker was barely a glint in his parents's eyes during that kerfuffle since he could've helped settle the score on Sarah the Snake. Today Karl toots his own horn, reminiscing on The Oldeani Monster - How I Helped To Rediscover And Identify A Lost Species Of Mystery Chameleon. More surprising is how Karl found the beast in the library, not in the field, where he connected the dots between two disparate sources that most mainstream biologists would've ignored. It's fitting that Rex Gilroy shares his wisdom, "You have to have enthusiasm for what you do, otherwise you find nothing." And if any citizens of Oz Got A Yowie Story then contact Rex or the Wingham Chronicle as the yowie is becoming the trending topic down under. For everyone north of the equator, there's a fine overview of the yowie and what's been suspected about its nature and behavior.


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