Monday, July 02, 2012

Florida Man Recalls Bigfoot Slinging Dead Rabbit At Him [WTF?]




Skunk Ape Hunter Tim Fasano Shifts Focused To Ghosts And UFOs




Tom Oar From History Channel’s Mountain Men TV Show Hears A Strange Noise While Hunting




SyFy Channel's Bigfoot Film Was So Bad That It Crashed The BFRO's Website Last Night




HBO's The Newsroom will Pitch, "Bigfoot is Real"



In the 1990s, Mike Cleary was in a diving bell with a companion off the south-east coast of Japan, checking bottom sites for an oil rig, when a 25-foot-long creature with no visible scales approached the bell and circled it. The head was like a sea horse's, the eyes like a cow's, and teeth like a barracuda's, and it swam with horizontal undulations. What was it? In other cryptid news, the familiar question is posed: The Hairy Man of the Vergas Trails — fact or fiction? The new SyFy series Haunted Highway makes its way to the small community of Vergas, Minnesota, to try their luck at uncovering what is behind all the Hairy Man claims in the area that have intrigued many over the past five decades. The accounts tell of a humanoid-like figure, seven-to-eight feet tall, with long shaggy hair, and having a musky odor. The show airs July 3rd.


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