Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Joe Black Breaks Down Grainy Freeman Footage, Sees Even More Detail Than FB/FB Has




Scientists Find Evidence That Suggests Ancestors of Higher Primates Originated in Asia, Not Africa




Is This Supposed Yeren Hybrid The Result Of A Rape?




Yakima Washington Newspaper Shares Local Bigfoot Stories




Beastly Madness Mysterious Universe
Nick Redfern brings us cryptid oddness in a slightly different form, with a collection of real werewolf reports, both historical and modern. Sufferers of lycanthropy have historically been treated with little respect or sympathy and many were put to death by burning at the stake. Since then, lychanthropy has been recognized as a real, genuine mental disorder but is still misunderstood. Meanwhile, Michael Higgins of Bigfoot Evidence exclaims Gigantopithecus? Hold on a sec... and attempts to dispel the theory that Sasquatch is an offshoot of a certain primate family tree and wonders that perhaps instead Bigfoot grew to gargantuan sizes because of evolution due to his environment. In crypto-cat news, Police Say Big Cats Seen In Northeast Ky where residents say only deer used to roam, and a Strange Cat Attack Isiolo Livestock in Kenya is panicking villagers. 


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