Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Alex MidnightWalker Thinks Tim Fasano's Bigfoot And Deer Photo Is Too Good To Be True





Bama Gives Bigfoot Chicks His Custom Wood





British Journalist continues to bring us Yeti news from Russia





Benjamin Radford Goes Beyond Bigfoot Prints and DNA





A guest blogger on Bigfoot Evidence has a likely theory for mermaid sightings centuries ago. She thinks they may have been Amas, deep-sea divers, a theory which makes a good deal of sense. However, the most interesting mystery surrounding Animal Planet's rather ridiculous and silly mermaid mockumentary is how people can be gullible enough to believe it as fact. The arguments being played out all over the internet right now are far more entertaining than the show itself. Meanwhile in Michigan, Bigfoot's much less famous cousin, the Nain Rouge, is getting a bit of attention as writer David Claerr recounts his encounter with the bizarre primate: The Demon of the Straits Revisited. Claerr spotted the creature huddled in the middle of a field, crouched down and doing its best tree stump imitation while peering at him under its arm. Understandably alarmed, he tossed a rock at it and watched it run away with a decidedly primate-like gait. And finally, Richard F goes to Boggy Creek and tells us he liked it. He highly recommends The Legend of Boggy Creek by Lyle Blackburn. 

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