Monday, May 28, 2012

Public Relations? Anybody? [Ketchum Project]





Telepathic Bigfoot Research Friends of Sasquatch
We are starting off this week with a doozy: communicating with Bigfoot via telepathy. The Friends of Sasquatch advise researchers who are looking for mere physical evidence to back off and give it up because telepathic communication is where it's at. They say one can ask Sasquatch for a face to face meeting but most likely the answer will be No. Imagine that. When a telepathic "researcher" can show us tangible evidence like hair, bones, DNA or a body or even a live one, we're going to continue to doubt these claims, telepathically of course. In more sane crypto news, Nick Redfern gives us a glimpse into Wild Britain with the tale of the copyu, a very real giant rodent that "munched its way" across parts of the UK decades ago. Because of efforts to drive it out, the copyu has not been seen in several years but Redfern believes they still roam the forests in certain spots. Meanwhile, Forteana brings us some disappointing news: ABC Spells Otter. The supposed alien big cat body discovered in Scotland a few weeks ago is actually an otter, which is unmistakable when viewing the body. And finally, Glasgow Boy runs across an odd report from 1959 of A Strange Sight in Loch Duich that appears to be a dorsal fin of possibly a killer whale.

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