Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dr. Ketchum Addresses Fake Sally: "There are sick individuals out there that are impersonating us"

Skeptics crow that with technological advances, there should be a definitive image proving the existence of bigfoot. The Patterson-Gimlin film is clear as a bell being 45 years old. A.Z. has no evidence of sasquatch, but he makes a case that our multi-gigapixel SLRs aren't all that eagle eyed in the field. No word on the equipment Christopher Maloney will be packing for his upcoming crypto-documentary. His latest, Cryptotrip, will feature interviews with witnesses. Robin Swope had the pleasure to sit down and talk about the project and its inspiration. While Chris is seeking crypto-contactees, there's bad news that the VIC Big Cat Search Called Offfor budgetary reasons. Who knows, if they could've continued they might've encountered the Stone-Throwing Yowie Stalks Four Terrified Stockmenback in 1892. Andrew Nicholson relates the account for our edification. A more recent submission hit Lon Strickeler's inbox about The Dark Walker. In the letter, "John" retells the story of his grandfather's deadly encounter with this Native American psychopomp one night. As May draws to a close, we'd like to direct you to the Creature of the Month - The Hairy Trolls by Nick Redfern. A queer tale of Barry and Elaine, with missing time, memory gaps, and little hairy men which haunts the couple to this day.

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