Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Professor follows up yesterday's history leading up to expeditions into the Congolese swamps in search of an alleged surviving dinosaur, the Mokele Mbembe. Today you'll learn of the efforts of NASA engineer Herman Regusters and his wife in 1981. Did the Regusters spot Mokele Mbembe in Lac Tele? Elsewhere, the question turns to the Bigfoot enigma as Lauren Daniels presents a slim report on the apparently ultimate question: Should We Declare Open Season on Bigfoot? Still addressing the Bigfoot search, Loren Coleman notes the dwindling numbers among the groundbreaking Sasquatch researchers with Sasquatch's First Discovery Generation At Trail's End, and Lon Strickler has the latest from the woman leading the DNA research into Bigfoot with Dr. Ketchum Addresses Recent Speculation, which sorts out some questions about the DNA project. Another cryptid is in the news today, too, as Micah Hanks tries to iron out the wrinkles inherent in the story line of a mysterious creature with Mothy Misconceptions: Clearing The Air About the Mothman Mythos, and Loren Coleman returns with an address about an entry in the filmography of the same cryptid on this relatively special date, seen in The Mothman Movie: Ten Years Later.

Robert Lindsay: "There will be no retractions, and we do not agree with Meldrum's rejoinder"

Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum Responds To Robert Lindsay About Sierra Kills Event [Bigfoot DNA]

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