Monday, January 23, 2012

Check Out This Outrageous Mockumentary on Bigfooting [Humor]

Watch Patty Moonwalk like MJ [Humor]

Todd Standing: Finding Bigfoot Team and Producers are Morons

A pair of Floridians were center stage for a sighting in a small lake of what may be a new cryptid, a snake-like creature which "appeared as if it had multiple parts of its body rising out of the water at the same time." From Florida we go to Scotland, for a most unusual vantage point to witness a lake monster--underwater. Classic Sightings - Robert Badger details a sighting in which a skin diver may have gotten a brief glimpse of Nessie in those dark, peaty waters. We then move on to a consideration of avian cryptids in More Thunderbirds. A look at a couple of photographs and some sightings in Wisconsin in the summer of 2011. Even higher above those wings are other lost creatures waiting to be recognized once again. The International Astronomical Union is making no friends dismissing Felis - Lost Constellation of the Cat, as well as the planet Pluto. Will Felis return someday to scratch again? A few days ago we got word that some extinct monkeys had resurfaced, but now we have the sad news that the Thylacine Passes Extinction Test, where skeptical biologists are closing the case by jiggering the numbers in hopes of putting an end to all inquiry despite numerous sightings.

Were We All Stood Up On Finding Bigfoot?

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