Saturday, January 21, 2012

New information on the Oregon Sasquatch Symposium!!!

4 guest on the speaker roster thus far.

Bob Gimlin with Bill Munns will be speaking together about new digital renderings that Bill will show as an exclusive to the 2012OSS. The two of them will go over the PG film step by step with new evidence to verify what many have already suspected.

We will also be inviting Julie Scott from Washington state. She is the author of "Visits from the Forest People". This eyewitness report details her families encounter at home with a group of Sasquatch in the state of Washington.

Thom Powell will also be on hand. If you have never heard Thom give a Sasquatch lecture, man oh man...don't miss out this year. Author of "The Locals" and "Shady Neighbors", Thom is known as one the premier researchers into the Sasquatch phenomena.

Also, photos are on hand of the venu we will be meeting in. Take a look and imagine yourself sitting amongst friends, old and new, at the 2012 OSS.

Tickets are now on sale.

$25.oo a ticket....all day fun and invite to the kick off party the night before!!!

Also, check out the new Facebook page Guy Edwards helped me out with. Guy has been a real help all 3 years, and if you ever want a wise sage in your computer corner, look up Guy Edwards on BIGFOOT LUNCH CLUB. THANk YOU GUY!!! WHAT A GUY!!!!

any questions, ya know where to find me.

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