Friday, January 20, 2012

The Search For Bigfoot: Justice for Riley ~ UPDATE!!!

Bigfoot-Evidence: Fur

Extinct Grizzled Languar Rediscovered

Dallas County District Attorney: Bring Justice for the unnecessary death of Riley Rawlins - Sign the Petition!

Bigfoot Lunch Club: Fox Carolina: Dr. Jeff Meldrum Speaks at Wofford College Today

Monkey feared extinct rediscovered in jungles of Borneo

Watch Renowned Bigfoot Researcher Dr. Jeff Meldrum News Interview From This Morning At Wofford College

Photos Of The Day: Bigfoot in Pawling NY, Barefoot Nepalese Porter, Cat-Boy

Key Supporter Pulls Endorsement [BigFoot vs Mitt Romney Humor]

The Minnesota Iceman is the name given to a hairy man-like creature frozen in a block of ice and supposedly found in Minnesota in 1968. It was subsequently displayed at state fairs in the Midwest. Frank Hansen, the owner, claimed that at one point he switched the real frozen creature with a replica. These photographs of the Minnesota Iceman from a 2011 book by Rick West entitled Pickled Punks and Girlie Shows have us wondering: is it the real thing or it is the replica? Elsewhere a consideration of California Monsters Featuring Lizardmen, whose broad range seem to prove that ancient cartographers were right when they said "Here be dragons." Strangely mundane by comparison are the Big Cats of Great Britain, where it appears some lab coats from the National Trust are fixing up some DNA Tests to Solve Mystery of Big Cat Sightings in Britain. The samples will be hand-me-downs from what is presumed to be their most recent meals: deer meat. Back at Cryptomundo, some old hairy giant wild man stories are featured in 1905's Mowgli Report. But none of these cryptids are featured in a round-up where you can Meet the 20,000 New Species We Discovered in a Single Year. Maybe next year?

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