Sunday, January 15, 2012

Watch Finding Bigfoot Debunk Todd Standing's Bigfoot Video (Updated)

Colorado Lottery 'Bigfeet' Pitch [Humor]

The pursuit of puzzling primates continues apace for the Orang Pendek which may have a wider range or a cousin to the north. Even better are the unexpected and unrelated discoveries which keep people like Debbie Martyr, Jeremy Holden and the article's author, Loren Coleman, going strong. When you're done, click over and spend a spell with Dale Drinnon, who has read up on the So-Cal Sandman and Such, a testament to the adaptability and diversity of California's cryptids, along with the myth of the elusive Yucca Man. And what would you do if these beasts flagged you down for a ride? Kwin the Eskimo takes a pragmatic view, declaring Sasquatch Must Die to settle the question once and for all regardless of the remaining population of the creatures. If one monster is going to be shot, you'd better be packing heavy heat if you stumble upon the Bipedal Canine Cryptid Reported Near Taylors Falls, Minnesota, raising lots of Cain-ine in the woods. Some would argue 2011 was the year of the homonid, but recent retrospectives beg otherwise. Getting the ball rolling is Loch Ness Monster expert Roland Watson's article about a New Witness that Corroborates 2011 Sighting, followed by Gavin Madeley's report explaining Why 2011 Was a Bumper Year to See Nessie: THREE Monster Hunters Compete for £1,000 Prize for Best Sighting.

Andrew Nicholson has an entertaining review of the Yowie, Australia's version of Bigfoot, showing things in the early days of Yowie sighting reports, claims of Yowies being killed and veiled references to Yowie captures stretch back in the wilds of the southern continent for nearly 200 years. As in the United States, the Australian search for undeniable evidence of a bipedal apeman gamboling through the wilderness has many bizarre claims. The Yowie gets some love from CFZ-Australia today, too, as a video interview is lifted from the archives for Yowie Encounters on NSW South Coast. Elsewhere, The Anomalist gets mention for offering the wrong photo to Dale Drinnon during his recent quest for anyone having the right photo to contact him, all duly noted in Another Poor "Sea-serpent" Photo from Argentina. We shall perish in ignominy! Drinnon also has an appreciation of a stalwart Sasquatch seeker, now gone from the search, who left quite an impact in his adopted country, Canada, as seen in the guest blogger entry at CFZ-Canada entitled An Appreciation of Rene Dahinden.

Bigfoots Instead of Bigfeet

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