Thursday, January 05, 2012

What is the biggest controversy in Bigfoot research?

Woman refuses to go back into woods after witnessing a sasquatch pounce on a snake

Spokane, WA is not only home to fake Bigfoot video, it's also home to fake Whale photo

Florida film crew discovers "largest amount of Bigfoot prints ever found in North America"

Cliff Barackman 2012 on Fox and Friends

Canadian Bigfoot Researcher Todd Standing Ramping Up Production by Showing Clear Photographs of Sasquatch [Video]

Matt Moneymaker and Crew Returning to Ohio to Film Season 3 Episode of Finding Bigfoot

R.Crumb Releases New Etching: Whiteman Meets Bigfoot

30 Rock's Tracy Morgan Will Look for Bigfoot This Year

Fox and Friends (of the Sasquatch)

Bigfoot: A Creature of Controversy There's Something in the Woods
What exactly is in the woods is the topic of Lisa A. Shiel's latest book. Full of unadultered interviews that seek to out-maverick the science of cryptozoology by putting another perspective on the Bigfoot phenomenon, the culture which has sprung up around it and the tensions within. Elsewhere, there are kids who grow up wanting to eat a dinosaur only to be told they taste like chicken since chickens are, well, dinosaur descendants. But What is it Like to Dine on a Prehistoric Beast? Read on because Keith Veronese writes you may find the reason to be disappointing and unpalatable. Meanwhile, the sea continues to disgorge its mysteries, some of the latest revelations being found in the reports World’s First Shark Hybrids Discovered Near Australia; 'Lost World' Dominated by Yeti Crabs Discovered in the Antarctic Deep and Tiny Fish Filmed Mimicking Octopus That Mimics Fish. And many other beasts have been added to Mother Earth's menagerie over the past year, described in Still a Wild World: Top New Animals of 2011, with links to discovery stories and a stunning image gallery of new denizens from land, sea and air.

Finding Bigfoot: Debrief of “Baby Bigfoot” by Cliff Barackman

They’re Coming Back!

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