Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Finding Bigfoot: Shake your Moneymaker! [Humor]

Watch Cliff Barackman sits down with a bunch of Bigfoot folks and talk about the Baby Bigfoot in NY episode

Alex MidnightWalker: The Sierra Kills Scam? [Bigfoot Kill]

A Humorous Look at the Current Bigfoot Community

Rick Dyer offering $1,000,000 for a piece of Justin Smeja's Bigfoot Kill [Sierra Kills]

Small Fossil Primate found in Texas

Todd Standing's Complete Sylvanic Collection Available in Time for Finding Bigfoot Bump

Roland Watson keeps a close eye on the happenings on Scotland's world famous Loch Ness, having written the book The Water Horses of Loch Ness. Now Watson reveals conversations with some of the former students of the school at Fort Augustus Abbey that provides a good view across the mysterious waters. That's how Watson comes up with Sean O'Donovan's tale of an August sighting in 1962 that could have been the famed cryptid said to have enthralled area residents for hundreds of years. And O'Donovan reveals a possible explanation for his sighting that comes from former abbey schoolboy George Campbell, included in Campbell's book The First and Lost Iona. Watson goes on to explore St. Columba's encounter with a beast on the edge of the loch and another schoolboy's tale of Father John Baptist and the hole in the priest's fishing boat. But tales of water monsters don't end there, as Dale Drinnon shows us in expanding his recent coverage of North American lake monsters and sea serpents in Walker Lake Monster, Tahoe Tessie and California Monster Snake-Fish, with images; and as Loren Coleman reveals in the first in a series of Election Cryptids: #1 ~ Iowa’s Big Blue Beast that will follow the primary calendar leading to this year's presidential election. Elsewhere, the man who has claimed to have shot at least two of the huge hairy bipeds many theorize stalk the North American wilderness gives voice to his claims in an online broadcast available as MN.B.R.T. Radio with Justin Smeja Sierra Bigfoot Shooter; the lady leading the DNA research on substances submitted as Sasquatch evidence begs for patience from a clamoring crowd wanting to know what's happening, as presented by Craig Woolheater in Melba Ketchum: Sasquatch DNA Project Update; and, in recognition of the new viewing season, Jay Kirschenmann profiles a member of the team behind the popular Finding Bigfoot television phenomenon with The Sasquatch Skeptic, Ranae Holland. Also, Loren Coleman returns with a compilation of links to all the top cryptozoology stories of last year and some insight into the New Year with Top Cryptolists of 2011. There's a programming note today, too, and you'll find it includes such subjects as living dinosaurs in the Congo, monkeys bearing fire, a new species of yeti crab and more, as heard in The Gralien Report Podcast for January 3, 2012.

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