Monday, January 02, 2012

Photographing Sasquatch: Perhaps it’s time to rethink our strategy

As Bigfoot research heats up with the recent Russian conference and DNA research, Lon Strickler directs your attention back to the 1992 footage produced by Paul Freeman and considered by many to be the next best Bigfoot film to the famous Patterson-Gimlin recording. Strickler says he thinks there are elements in the film that could indicate his personal belief in a paranormal connection to Bigfoot exists. Meanwhile, across the Atlantic there is some evidence of a Bigfoot-type creature revealed by Nick Redfern, author of There's Something In the Woods: A Transatlantic Hunt for Monsters and the Mysterious, among many other books that cover the weird and Fortean, in his report Lair of the Beasts: Seeking the British Bigfoot. And a popular television cryptid show dedicated to the hairy biped is making news in the reports Finding Bigfoot Scours New York for Sasquatch; Sasquatch Seeker Cliff Barackman on Good, Bad, Hairy of 'Finding Bigfoot' and ‘Finding Bigfoot’: Believing in Sasquatch May Be More Vital Than Finding Him.

Melba Ketchum: Sasquatch DNA Project Update

Behind the Scenes of Finding Bigfoot: “Baby Bigfoot” with Cliff Barackman

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