Sunday, January 08, 2012

Review: Finding Bigfoot 1-8-12

This was a fair-to-good episode, not great. which had as its centerpiece a piece of footage taken by two local Rhode Island paranormal researchers which shows a dark figure swinging its arms, but the team cannot determine anything from it. They do a comparison with Bobo as the subject, but still cannot make a determination other than that the subject appears to be smaller than Bobo. Then they undertake night operations, where they hear knocking, but nothing definitive. They leave Cliff out there alone and go to meet with the residents of New Greenwich, in a town hall meeting, where they get several reports, including a gentleman who brings them a plaster cast and also where he dug a print out of the ground. They go to the site of a sighting from 1974 of a white Sasquatch by a gentleman on a bike, and also go to the location of the footprint find, where Ranae says she thinks it was a jogger wering glove-shaped shoes. Bobo and Matt are not so sure, however. Then they reunite with Cliff, and undertake an unusual night operation in which they have Ranae in a tree trying to flush something towards her. This does not work however, but they hear what sounds like a knock and a splash. All in all, not as good as last week's. About a 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.


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its not new greenwich, its west greenwich. i live here , i know. it also pronounced : west grenij
trust me

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Learn young, learn fair.