Sunday, January 08, 2012

Bigfoot Plural [Humor]

Tonight's Rhode Island Episode of Finding Bigfoot Featuring Bill Penning's Footprints of Bigfoot and Bigfoot Swinging From Tree Video

Robert Lindsay: Sierra Kills Bigfoot Shooter Visited By California Department of Fish and Game

Larry the Cable Guy Goes Bigfooting

Mechele R. Dillard reports on Matt Moneymaker's claim of a close encounter with a Bigfoot in eastern Ohio in 1994 and another close approach of a Bigfoot to the cast and crew of Finding Bigfoot, the Animal Planet reality show in which Moneymaker, the founder of Bigfoot Field Researcher Organization, is one of the stars. The comments come from a television news interview and include Moneymaker's somewhat surprising conclusion about what sort of creature Bigfoot is. Elsewhere, another legendary creature has been striking terror into Malaysian hearts, leading to reports of villagers patrolling the night to prevent its depridations. Skeptic Benjamin Radford offers his opinion of the creature in The Legendary 'Oily Man' Monster Terrorizes Malaysia. Meanwhile, Dr. Karl Shuker gets metaphysical with an explanation of how to Grow Your Own Homunculus.

Finding Bigfoot: “Big Rhodey” Tonight

Tragic Death of a Young Bigfooter

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