Saturday, November 26, 2011

Learn how to sketch a Bigfoot in 3 minutes [Video]

Most blunt review of FLIR camera ever!

The Peruvian Giant Legends Phantoms & Monsters
Legends of people of gigantic stature have long been a staple of Peru, and Lon Strickler has collected reports from as recent as 2001 and 1976 to accompany descriptions from the historical record that report encounters with such beings. Strickler has more on creatures of supposedly outlandish size in North America, too, as he assembles the reports recorded in a journal by a 19th century explorer who traversed the Rocky Mountains with friendly Indians, leaving the accounts mentioned in Explorer David Thompson Describes Tracks. Meanwhile, Richard Muirhead offers an account from a 1935 Asian newspaper that tells of The Sea Monster of Amoy. And Loren Coleman reveals the background of the first ever capture of a previously unknown giant shark, a replica of which is now on display at his Portland, ME, cabinet of curiosities as seen in text and images within New Extraordinary Megamouth Shark Exhibit Added To International Cryptozoology Museum.

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