Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Am I the only one…

Man with biggest feet in Britain still has smaller feet than Robert Wadlow [Video]

Looking for Bigfoot witnesses for your new documentary? See Craigslist

Look out, Logan, Utah here they come! This is how 'Finding Bigfoot' TV tell people their coming to town.

Watch this Jacobs Bigfoot creature clay replica showing things from a different perspective [Video]

A quote from Robert Lindsay addresses work being performed to decipher DNA from what are supposed to be three different Bigfoot sources. The Lindsay statement doesn't tell us much, nor do the short comments from the person who posted this information. Readers are apt to find more substance in comments following the post than from the post, itself. And responses from readers make up most of the substance as Loren Coleman calls for comments after posting photographs allegedly taken at the supposedly Bigfoot-infested Carter Farm in Tennessee, seen in Tennessee Bigfoot or Blobsquatches? The photos were provided by Steve Abney who claims to have spent time observing Bigfoot at the farm. A much different kind of creature occupies the latest inquiry from Dr. Karl Shuker as he traces artwork back in search of the origins of a mysterious bird, as he explains in What Ever Happened to the Purple Macaw? And another attendee at the recent Fortean convention in England gets dragged to the microphone, in front of a video camera, as Lee Fallows Interviews Hunt Emerson at the UnCon, while Richard Andrews gives a general listing of the speakers and their wide range of subjects in Fortean Times UnCon 2011.

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