Monday, November 21, 2011

Oregon Bigfoot Blog inviting you to pledge "Standing for Sasquatch", only if you're willing to send in a nice photo of yourself

Americans have Thanksgiving, Hitler wants 'Bigfoot Day' [Video]

Comment of the day: Retired archaeologist chimes in on the question of "Is Bigfoot Real?"

BLM and Dept. of Interior involvement in early 1980's Bigfoot incident

Loren Coleman remembers a high school classmate, and well he should. The classmate, Steve Collins, was one of the first to ever relate a tale of an encounter with an unknown hairy biped to Coleman, figuring prominently in Coleman's book Bigfoot! The True Story of Apes in America. Collins' encounter was also included in a number of other books about North America's most favorite cryptid. Collins died last year, and the month of November brings forth Coleman's reminiscences about Collins' encounter and the mention made of the 1962 sighting in the late John Keel's Strange Creatures from Time and Space. Elsewhere, a high profile skeptic takes aim at claims from October's Siberian sojourn by an international group of researchers that led some of the members of that group to make what seem to be some ill-advised claims revisited in What? Yeti Nests Found in Russia?! Not So Fast... Meanwhile, a creature that was once considered a cryptid, since it was only known from the fossil record, has slowly made its way into more accepted circles of biology, and is revealed in several excellent photos and Amy West's eyewitness report Tracking the Coelacanth: Two Decades of Research Confirms a Viable Population in Comoros.

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