Saturday, August 20, 2011

Recent claims of the killing of an adult female Bigfoot and a juvenile Bigfoot in California and the subsequent transfer of body parts from the cadavers to a group seeking Bigfoot DNA could be compromised by information made available to Mike Rugg of Bigfoot Discovery Museum. Could the Bigfoot body parts under DNA analysis actually come from two black bears, an adult and a juvenile, killed by hunters in the same vicinity and on the same day? Elsewhere, Dale Drinnon continues his review of dragon lore as seen through scientific eyes, noting the similarities between oriental dragons, the feathered serpent of the Americas, the mokele mbembe of the Congo and the perpetual tales of a particular kind of sea serpent from around the globe, detailing his conclusions in Quetzalcoatl is Euryapsid, Too. Meanwhile, Loren Coleman releases statements from Russian hominologist Igor Burtsev pertaining to Burtsev's belief that sufficient evidence of shy hominids exists in the wilds of the world to require recognition of the creatures by the United Nations, World Wildlife Fund and other organizations, hoping such recognition will protect these creatures. The details of the new group which already has a presence on FaceBook can be found in International Society of Forest People's Friends. Coleman also reveals the visit of some celebrities at his popular Portland, ME, cabinet of curiosities today inSwamp Thing's Bissette and Vermont Monster Hunter Citro Visit Museum Today.

Book Review-Bigfoot Encounters in New York and New England

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