Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sasquatch and Semantics

Most murders aren’t that difficult to solve, at least over time, but that doesn't apply to the case of a body found on a beach in Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, in December 1948. We still do not know the victim’s identity, have no real idea what killed him, and cannot even be certain whether his death was murder or suicide. Add to that a coded message that has never been cracked and why a nurse kept fainting when confronted with a likeness of the dead man’s face. This may be the most mysterious cold cases of all time. Mike Dash leads us through the maze. Against this case even a subject like cattle mutilations looks fairly straightforward. Cattle Mutilation, Trinidad, Colorado details an investigation which began after a rancher reported that one of his cows had been mutilated during the first weekend in August. This rancher has had three separate mutilation cases on his ranch. Here are the notes from the investigation, including tissue and soil samples taken. Finally, we have a review by Billy Cox of a crop circle documentary in Messengers cloud the message, which is something that could be said about the mystery of the body on Somerton Beach.

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