Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sasquatch: Is it out there?

From the maverick science news: First a fossil tooth (2000) and a fossil finger bone (2008) were found in Siberia's Denisova cave, and scientists have already begun to separate the original owners of these bones from the other known hominins of the Stone Age, early humans and Neanderthals. Now a toe bone found at the same site appears to be leading researchers to further develop the theory that a third hominin species, designated the Denisovans, lived and interbred with early man and Neanderthal. Did all three of these hominins spread out of Africa? Elsewhere, there's much today concerning the possible assumption of godly aspect by ancient man when the aurorae were spotted prowling the heavens, often above prominent geological features, as pointed out by comparative mythologist Rens Van der Sluijs in Mountains of Evidence and his two-part observations Seeing Things - In the Sky Part One and Part Two. Polar aurorae aren't confined to Earth, either, as Stephen Smith explains in Jove's Glowing Mantle.

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