Sunday, July 31, 2011

An attendee at a San Antonio, TX, Nick Redfern lecture approached the author with a question: "What will happen if we find Bigfoot?" Redfern tries to imagine the ramifications of that scenario, from the impact on the dire unemployment situation in North America to the possibility the discovery involves a hunter shooting and killing the elusive forest giant. Meanwhile, if recent blog claims are to be believed, a hunter may have already completed one of Redfern's scenarios and DNA analysis by Dr. Melba Ketchum is supposedly being peer reviewed to decide just what the hunter killed, as revealed in The Mystery Over the Existence of Bigfoot Continues. Ketchum's research figures in the final moments of the news video Bigfoot in Kentucky. Elsewhere, the early episodes of a popular new television show about the elusive, hairy hominid are reviewed in Finding Bigfoot Makes a Big Impact in its First Season. Also, Darren Naish is forced to go on the defensive after reporters get their facts scrambled, as seen in Naish's Dear Telegraph: No I Did Not Say That About the Loch Ness Monster; and Dr. Beachcombing unearth's a report of a most unlikely monster in Dragons in Switzerland.

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