Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Seabury Blair Jr.: Bigfoot 'researchers' — show me the evidence

The latest presentation of the popular monthly video roundup includes segments on "Identifying the aequidens;" "Baby caecilians;" "Brian Regal interview;" "Corinna looks at out of place birds;" and "The 2012 Yearbook;" as well as a sequence on such "New and Rediscovered" creatures as a new spider and desert tortoise and the rediscovered rainbow toad and freshwater limpet. Meanwhile, from CFZ-Canada, guest blogger Sue St. Clair tells of a 1978 encounter with the unknown by a man known only as "Ernest" that shook him to the core, as she describes in Not Your Typical Canadian Cryptid. Elsewhere, Loren Coleman remembers an alleged trailcam image from Louisiana as he asks What Did This Ever Turn Out to Be?, and Mystery Man takes you on a tour of mysterious specimens in the Land of the Rising Sun, as seen in Crypto Japan at the Tokyo National Science Museum. Also, despite a "coven" of wiccans camped in her backyard, Naomi West has secured more photos she offers in the ongoing saga of the puddle monster, as seen in Puddle Monster V - The Terror Continues.

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