Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Russia's Loch Ness Monster Frontiers of Zoology
Ancient tales of a "dragon" devouring people, horses and boats on Lake Brosno in West Russia get hoisted on a pike, so to speak, in this illustrated treatment by Dale Drinnon. And Drinnon also offers a recent op-ed piece from Representative David Deen, D-Westminster, river steward for the Connecticut River Watershed Council, in which he discourses on the historic record of a monstrous, serpentine creature within his state's waters known as the Connecticut River Monster. With the volume of reports of such a presence in the waters of the Nutmeg State, could it be an unknown species of large creature has been swimming there for centuries? Meanwhile, Seabury Blair, Jr., who bills himself as Mr. Outdoors, refuses to allow the "anecdotal evidence" presented in Animal Planet's "Searching for Bigfoot' to influence his opinion of the huge, hairy hominid, as he says inBigfoot 'Researchers' - Show Me the Evidence, and perrennial tales of a tentacled terror in the freshwater confines of cowboy country leads Rick Couri to ask Have You Seen the Oklahoma Octopus? Elsewhere, our favorite examiner of bizarre history evokes a spirited response from his readership, extolling other accounts of fabulous maritime creatures, when he presents the tale of a Mermaid Sighting in Caithness.

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