Wednesday, July 13, 2011

After the last installment of the series--Meaningless Reports Of Sea Monsters. Part Ten & Last--the Professor sums up his review of 115 cases. "Several of the serpent stories are very impressive to me as solid witness testimony --- BUT, I'm not sure about where to go with my guess as to what they represent... We have good testimony to a reality which is seeable, hearable, smellable, and affects the watery environment with physical force, BUT we can never catch it nor hold any of it for the lab. And you folks know what that sort of thing sounds like to me," i.e., the folkloric entities of yore. On the same general subject we also have Gambian Sea Elephant and other Sea Elephants, Art by Pristichampsus, and further afield in cryptozoology, a review of Monsters of Wisconsin by Linda Godfrey, the latest volume in the series from Stackpole Books, which just happens to contain "a wealth of data--from the modern era and the past--on strange and unearthly long-necked critters said to lurk within the deep and murky waters of certain Wisconsin lakes."

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Monsters in MonsterQuest

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