Tuesday, July 12, 2011

China's 'Bigfoot' Leaves Big Footprints in Chinese Cornfield
A number of sightings, supposed footprints, and samples of coarse hair have hinted at the possibility of a bigfoot-like creature existing deep in the wilds of Shennongjia. Anecdotal evidence paints a picture of a very tall, bipedal, ape-like animal ...
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Bigfoot Filmed In Kansas?
Ghost Theory
While palms are bare on bigfoot, not the backs of their hands. The arms are also of average human length not bigfoot. I have to ask who was dong the filming of this “history making” video – a six year old or someone with a neurological condition? ...
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Ghost Theory
Georgia Bigfoot Adventures
BlogTalkRadio (blog)
by TGAPHtvRADIO Join Jan Allen, Dr"J", and his co Host as they search the land for the proof of the existence of Bigfoot. GBRI (Georgia Bigfoot Research Investigation) was started in 1962 by Jan's brother, William Lamar Allen and was taken over by Jan ...

In an email "EW" describes her encounter with something that "resembled a man with large bat-like wings" and eyes that glowed a bright red. Lon Strickler has no doubt that this Georgia woman witnessed a winged humanoid, most likely a mothman. "I will say that EW has experienced many of the same anomalous events claimed by a few of the original Point Pleasant, WV witnesses," writes Strickler. Elsewhere, Loren Coleman (Happy Birthday, Loren) asks: Is The Government Hiding Evidence Of Bigfoot?Which leads to another question: Why do people feel the need to keep repeating such silliness? And Dale Drinnon displays a 28-inch feather inThunderbirds in Indiana. Also from Drinnon: Re: News From The Erickson Project.

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Phil Warren said...

Just happened to be in Oconee SC the day this blog was posted. Went hiking to two water falls in the Sumter Nat. Forest which is right beside Nantahala Nat. Forest in NC and The Chatahoochee in GA. I agree this is a prime habitat for a squatch and am looking forward to going back longer, camp for a few days and do some research. The 2nd fall was King Ck. Falls,very isolated and felt like we were being watched. Also smelled a skunky, musty type smell several times. Forest very thick and dark