Friday, July 15, 2011

After months of searching a team of herpetologists at Conservation International recently found three individuals of the long-missing toad species and took the first ever photographs of the brightly colored amphibian. The slender-legged critter is only the second species on the “World’s Top 10 Most Wanted Lost Frogs” list to be found. Even more surprising perhaps is the story about a Researcher finding bioluminescent fungus not seen since 1840. Researchers from San Francisco State University have found new specimens of the luminescent mushroom in Brazil and reclassified it as Neonothopanus gardneri. It's not known how a fungus make its glow—and why it would even glow in the first place.

A twisted story of two dead Sasquatch, DNA that's human and some that's not, a vet who is closely associated with the Horse Genome Project, rumors of national security implications, cries of hoax, and much more. And then we have someone selling an enlargement of an old Bigfoot photo, although he didn't take the photo and doesn't know who did, in Bigfoot Photo on eBay Update, and the Huffington Post interviews former Sheriff Liston Truesdale in Lizard Man Reportedly Mauls And Bites Through South Carolina Couple's Car. Elsewhere, a three-part series on Cressie and Chessie: Part 1,Giant Eels of the (US) East Coast; Part 2, Giant Eels in Scotland and Ireland; and Part 3, Great Orms, Lindorms and The Rest of The World.

Nepal exhibit comes to museum. Home of YETI...

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