Sunday, July 20, 2014

Updated Bibliography 7-20-14

1.On the Track of The Sasquatch-John Green
2. Year of the Sasquatch-John Green
3. The Sasquatch File-John Green
4. Sasquatch: The Apes Among Us-John Green (Hardback)-signed
5. On the Track of the Sasquatch: Bigfoot-John Green
6. The Best of Sasquatch/Bigfoot-John Green (Signed)
7. Sasquatch/Bigfoot: The Hunt For North America's Incredible Creature-Don Hunter with Rene Dahinden
8. Bigfoot! The True Story of Apes in America-Loren Coleman (signed)
9. The Evidence for Bigfoot and other Man-Beasts-Janet and Colin Bord
10. The Bigfoot Casebook-Janet and Colin Bord
11. The Bigfoot Casebook Updated: Bigfoot Encounters from 1818-1980-Janet and Colin Bord
12. In Pursuit of a Legend: 72 Days in California Bigfoot Country-T.A. Wilson
13. North America's Great Ape: The Sasquatch-John Bindernagel (signed)
14. Still Living? Yeti, Sasquatch and the Neanderthal Enigma-Myra Shackley
15. In Search of Giants: Bigfoot Sasquatch Encounters-Thomas Steenburg (signed)
16. Bigfoot Is Alive!-The Davis Expedition
17. Meet The Sasquatch-Chris Murphy, John Green and Thomas Steenburg (Signed)
18. Bigfootnotes-Daniel Perez (Signed)
19. Bigfoot at Bluff Creek-Daniel Perez (Signed)
20.  Bigfoot 4-Issue comic book series-Rob Zombie, Steve Niles (Signed)
21. The Sasquatch in Minnesota-Mike Quast
22. Bigfoot in Mississippi-J. Michael
23. The Making of Bigfoot-Greg Long
24. California's Bigfoot/Sasquatch-Tom Morris (Signed)
25. Sasquatch/Bigfoot: The Continuing Mystery-Thomas Steenburg
26. The Big Bigfoot Book-From Mojo Press
27. Big Footage: A History of Claims for the Sasquatch on Film-Mike Quast
28. Monsters of the Northwoods-Bruce Hallenbeck, Bill Brann and Paul and Robert Bartholomew (Signed)
29. On The Track of Bigfoot-Marion T. Place
30. There Are Giants in the Earth-Michael Grumley
31. Bigfoot: America's Abominable Snowman-Elwood D. Baumann
32. The Locals: A Contemporary Investigation of the Bigfoot/Sasquatch Phenomenon-Thom Powell (signed)
33. The Bigfoot Film Controversy-Roger Patterson/Chris Murphy
34. Do Abominable Snowmen of America Really Exist?-Roger Patterson (signed by Bob Gimlin)
35. Big Footprints: A Scientific Inquiry Into the Reality of Sasquatch-Grover Krantz (Signed)
36. Bigfoot Sasquatch Evidence-Grover Krantz
37. Field Guide to The Sasquatch-David George Gordon
38. Track of the Bigfoot-D. L. Tanner
39. Boyfriend-Bettie Charville
40. Sasquatch Apparitions-Barbara Wasson
41. The Search for Bigfoot: Monster, Myth or Man (Hardback)-Peter Byrne
42. Where Bigfoot Walks: Crossing The Dark Divide-Robert Michael Pyle (Signed)
43. Bigfoot Exposed-David Daegling
44. Smokey and the Fouke Monster-Smokey Crabtree (Signed)
45. Swamp Bigfoot: Tales of the Louisiana Honey Island Swamp Monster-Dana Holyfield (Signed)
46. Raincoast Sasquatch: The Bigfoot/Sasquatch Records of Southeast Alaska, Coastal British Columbia and Northwest Washington from Puget Sound to Yakutat-J. Robert Alley
47. Bigfoot South: Examining Cryptozoology's Greatest Mystery in the Southern United States-Chester Moore, Jr. (Signed)
48. Bigfoot Lives: Deal With It!-Chester Moore, Jr. (Signed)
49. Manlike Monsters on Trial-Marjorie Halpin and Michael M. Ames
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53. Bigfoot: The Mysterious Monster-Robert and Frances Guenette
54. The Search For Bigfoot: Monster, Myth or Man-Peter Byrne (Softcover)
55. Bigfoot: The Yeti and Sasquatch In Myth and Reality-John Napier
56. Bigfoot-B. Ann Slate and Alan Berry
57. Bigfoot in the News-Daniel Murphy
58.  Bigfoot Encounters in Ohio: Quest For The Grassman-Chris Murphy, In Association with George Clappison and Joedy Cook (signed)
59.  Sasquatch: The Apes Among Us (2006 reprinting)-John Green (signed)
60.  Shadows of Existence-Matthew Bille
61.  Bigfoot: A Personal Inquiry Into A Phenomenon-Kenneth Wylie
62.  Abominable Snowmen: Legend Come To Life (abridged edition)-Ivan T. Sanderson
 63.  Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science-Jeff Meldrum (signed)
64. No Return-Pete Travers (signed)
65. The Historical Bigfoot-Chad Arment
66. Valley of the Skookum: Four Years of Encounters with Bigfoot-Sali Sheppard-Wolford (signed)
67. The Scientist Looks at The Sasquatch-Roderick Sprague and Grover Krantz
68.  Everything You Know Is Wrong: Book One: Human Origins-Lloyd Pye (Signed)
69. The Yowie: In Search of Australia's Bigfoot-Paul Cropper and Tony Healy (signed by Paul Cropper)
70. The Shadowkiller-Matthew Scott Hansen
71. The Sasquatch Triangle Revisited-Don Keating (Signed)
72. Bigfoot On The East Coast-Rick Berry (Signed)
73.  Tom Slick: True Life Encounters in Cryptozoology- Loren Coleman (signed)
74. Sasquatch (Hardcover)-Don Hunter and Rene Dahinden
75. Soul Snatchers: A Quest For True Human Beings-Robert W. Morgan
76. In The Footsteps of The Russian Snowman-Dmitri Bayanov (Signed)
77. Bigfoot Research: The Russian Vision-Dmitri Bayanov (Signed)
78. The Unleashing-Clint Romag (Signed)
79. The Ape Cave Horror-Clint Romag (Signed)
80. They Walked Among Us: Scweneyti and The Stick Indians of The Colvilles -Ed Fusch
81. The History of Bigfoot...At Salt Fork State Park-Don Keating (E-Book)
82. Big Newsprints-Scott McClean (E-Book)
83. The Bigfoot Film Journal-Chris Murphy (E-Book)
84. Know The Sasquatch/Bigfoot-Chris Murphy (signed; Yakima Bigfoot Round-Up Edition 41 of 150)
85. Yale and the Strange Story of Jacko The Ape-Boy-Chris Murphy in association with Barry G. Blount
86. True Giants:Is Gigantopithecus Still Alive?-Mark A. Hall and Loren Coleman (Signed)
87. Bigfoot Encounters in New York and New England-Paul and Robert Bartholomew
88. Giants, Cannibals and Monsters: Bigfoot in Native Culture-Kathy Moskowitz-Strain (signed)
89. Yetis, Sasquatch and Hairy Giants-David Hatcher Childress
90. The Lake Worth Monster-Sallie Ann Clarke (Signed)
91. Abominable Snowmen: Legend Come To Life-Ivan T. Sanderson

92. Bigfoot: America's Number One Monster-Daniel Cohen
93. The Buckeye Bigfoot-Don Keating
94. The Discovery of the Sasquatch-John Bindernagel (signed)
95. Bigfoot-Unknown author (Crestwood Books)
96. Enoch-Autumn Williams (signed)
97. Traces of the Grassman-Joedy Cook (signed)
98. The Hoopa Project-David Paulides
99. Tribal Bigfoot-David Paulides
100. Bigfoot Observers' Field Manual-Robert W. Morgan (also in CD form)
101. Bigfoot In Georgia-Jeffrey Wells
102. Sasquatch: True Life Encounters with Legendary Ape-Men-Rupert Matthews
103. Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science (softcover)-Jeff Meldrum (signed)
104. Where Legends Roam-Lee Murphy (signed)
105. Know The Sasquatch-Bigfoot (2010 edition)-Chris Murphy
106. Fury of the Sasquatch-Clint Romag (Signed)
107. In The Spirit of Seatco-Henry Franzoni (Signed)
108. Bigfoot And I: A personal Journey Into the World of Sasquatch-Darin Richardson (signed)
109. The Bigfoot Filmography-David Coleman
110. Finding Sasquatch-Thom Cantrall (Signed)
111. When Bigfoot Attacks-Michael Newton
112. In Search of Sasquatch-Kelly Milner Halls
113. You Are Sasquatch-Jack Barnes and Jeffrey Andersen
114. Shady Neighbors-Thom Powell (signed)
115. Tracking Bigfoot-Donald Wallace and Lori SImmons
116. Bigfoot Encounters Past to Present-Daniel Perez
117. The Beast of Boggy Creek-Lyle Blackburn
118. New Turn In Russian Snowman Research-Igor Bourtsev
119. Sasquatch In British Columbia-Christopher L. Murphy In Association with Thomas Steenburg
120. The Bigfoot Coloring and Activity Book-Michael Rugg
121. The Yeti Incident-Clint Romag (Signed)
122. Bigfoot Film Journal (Softcover)-Christopher L. Murphy
123. The History of Bigfoot-At Salt Fork State Park (Softcover)-Don Keating
124. Know The Sasquatch/Bigfoot (E-Book)-Christopher L. Murphy
125. Ghosts of Ruby Ridge- Thom Cantrall (signed)
126. Heretofore: Unknown- Lee Murphy (signed)
127. Sasquatch/Bigfoot and the Mystery of the Wildman-Jean Paul Debenat (signed by the translator Paul LeBlond)
128. Bigfoot Research: The Russian Vision-(Hancock House) Dmitri Bayanov
129. Notes From The FIeld: Tracking North America's Sasquatch-William Jevning
130. The Sasquatch Triangle (2013 edition)-Don Keating (Signed)
131. Legend Meets Truth: Bigfoot In Rhode Island-Dina Palazani (Signed)
132. The Beginner's Guide to Bigfoot Research-Joedy Cook (Signed)
133. Legend of the Grassman: The Bigfoot of Salt Fork State Park-Joedy Cook
134. The Beast of Boggy Creek-Lyle Blackburn (Signed)
135. Alien Animals-Janet and Colin Bord
136. Mysterious America-Loren Coleman (Signed)
137. Cryptozoology A To Z-Jerome Clark and Loren Coleman (Signed by Coleman)
138. The Monster Trilogy Guidebook-Peter Byrne
139. Laughsquatch by Robert Swain (Signed)
140. Too Close To The Mirror by Smokey Crabtree (Signed)
141. The Man Behind The Legend by Smokey Crabtree (Signed)
142. Finding Bigfoot: Everything You Need To Know by Martha Brockenbrough
143. The Field Guide To Bigfoot, Yeti and Other Mystery Primates Worldwide by Loren Coleman and Patrick Huyghe
144. The Pocketbook Version of The Fouke Monster of Boggy Creek
145. Voices In The Wilderness by Ron Morehead (Signed)
146. The Great Bigfoot Film Mystery by Jeff Hilling (Signed)
147. The Sasquatch Field Guide by Jeff Meldrum
148. Bigfoot In New Jersey-W.R. Matts
149. Anatomy of a Beast: Obsession and Myth on the Trail of Bigfoot-Michael McCleod
150. Bigfoot: The Life and Times of a Legend-Joshua Blu Buhs
151. America's Bigfoot: Fact, Not Fiction-Dmitri Bayanov (Signed)
152. The Man Who Filmed Nessie-Angus Dinsdale
153. In the Beginning-Don Keating (Signed)
154. The Original Bigfoot Cookbook-Boyd Brougher
155. Terror of the Abominable Snowman-James Baack and Eric S. Brown
156. Encounters: True Stories of the North American Bigfoot-Dina Palazini (Signed)
157. Standing In The Shadows: Bigfoot Stories From Southeastern Ohio-Doug Waller (Signed)
158. Eve-J.M. Bailey (Signed)
159. Iron Mountain Ridge-J.M. Bailey (Signed)
160. The Track Record: 1991-2007-Compiled by David Paulides
161. Bigfoot Research: Path to Protocol-River Gibbs
162. The Sasquatch and Other Unknown Hominoids-Edited by Vladimir Markotic and Grover Krantz
163. Mysterious Creatures: A Guide To Cryptozoology (E-Book)-George M. Eberhart
164. Abominable Science (E-Book)-Daniel Loxton and Donald R. Prothero
165. Lizard Man: The True Story of the Bishopville Monster-Lyle Blackburn (Signed)
166. When Roger Met Patty (Kindle and Paperback)-Bill Munns
167. Sasquatch For Sale-Mike Greene

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