Friday, July 18, 2014

News Items 7-18-14

Finding Bigfoot: Meet Bobo's Father

Bart Cutino on This Sunday’s Finding Bigfoot

Humboldt County Sasquatch Photo?

Moneymaker on Sykes’ Yeti DNA Study

Ten Simple Steps for Improving your Bigfoot Research Results!!!

Matthew Moneymaker of BFRO declares that the DNA study was "corrupted at the sample inclusion stage" meaning there were no samples from the US connected to a Bigfoot sighting used in the study. It's unclear why this is necessarily a problem, since the study only used the most viable and largest samples they obtained assuring greater accuracy. And the study did in fact solve at least some of the Yeti cases by identifying it as an extinct species of polar bear, which is incredibly remarkable in and of itself. If you'd like to read a summary of the results and how it might affect future cryptozoology, check out this Molecular analysis of ‘anomalous primate’ hair samples: a commentary on Sykes et al. released by The Royal Society. Its authors propose that the Sykes study will hopefully open up a "productive dialog" between cryptozoologists and mainstream biologists and that "these two communities can and should speak the same language, the language of hard scientific data and hypothesis testing."

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