Saturday, March 02, 2013

Melba Ketchum: Bigfoot is part human and part lemur

by BigfootEvidence23 hours ago875 views
Dr. Melba Ketchum thinks Bigfoot is part human and part lemur. According to a recent interview with Linda Moulton Howe of ...
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  1. Bigfoot Erickson Project 2

    by Mark Anders17 hours ago31 views
    Bobo is the number 2 bigfoot exert in the United states.
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  2. Cryptozoology, Finding Evidence of Bigfoot / Gigantopithecus

    by Cypher Jack14 hours ago14 views
    Cryptozoology is defined as the study of hidden animals. This video is about the study of the North American Sasquatch ...
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A member of BFRO states, “There’s ‘squaches pretty much everywhere," but where exactly in Kansas would Bigfoot hide? Most of the state is extraordinarily flat and virtually treeless, so unless he's lurking under hillsides in sod houses we don't think he's going to be counted on the Kansas census anytime soon. Meanwhile, Phil on Bigfoot Evidence takes on a 4-year -old supposed Bigfoot video and breaks it down surprisingly quickly (and amusingly) by announcing "Liar, liar, pants on fire" 5 seconds into viewing this one: Western Penn Forest Creature. We'd like for Phil to share his input on this new video released by Bigfoot hunter, M.K. Davis of what he says is a White Bigfoot [walking] quietly through the woods. The best part is how the camera pans to the left ahead of the pale Bigfoot out for a leisurely stroll...

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