Thursday, February 28, 2013

The memo handed out by the American Embassy forbid killing a Yeti and advised turning over any photographs (or live Yetis) to the Nepali government. Quite a bit of trouble for a creature that "doesn't exist". The 50s were a simpler time. These days if you encounter a Yeti or Bigfoot, we wouldn't be surprised if the big guy whips out a stack of paperwork for you to sign before he poses for photos. On the flipside of the Bigfoot discussion is this confusing and somewhat condescending article:Crytozoology-no need for an apology. The article dismisses the possibility of Bigfoot right off declaring that is not possible for such a creature to exist without being captured or killed, claiming that with all the sightings reported people should be tripping over Bigfoot every time they walk out of their house. But Bigfoot aren't parading down main street therefore all sightings are declared moot and scientists would be wasting their time researching them. However, this ignores all the evidence that has been discovered, and the fact that plenty of scientists are indeed working on proving Bigfoot exists. The writer goes on to say that he'd prefer Bigfoot hunters out in the woods searching for something that doesn't exist rather than sitting in an easy chair watching TV. We say maybe he should get up out of his own chair and do a little more relevant research on the subject he's so gleefully attacking.

Sierra Sasquatch - The Search for Bigfoot (documentary)

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Documentary on the search for Bigfoot - Sierra Sasquatch
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