Saturday, January 19, 2013

Searching For The Mogollon Monster Phantoms and Monsters
Something's stalking the American southwest and there's tons of evidence. It's known to Amerindians since ancient times to the modern day. Among the evidence, there's an account from Finding Bigfoot and their close encounter with the red-haired stinky varmint. Lon Strickler's on the case of this unique beast. Karl Shuker has another astonishing tale, Going Ape About The Koolookamba! Their existence isn't doubtful, several examples have been in captivity, but their true nature remains up in the air. Karl covers chimeras, crossbreeds, and chimpanzees as he awaits further developments in this curious case. Over at Zoologger, Michael Marshall has a dispatch on The First Solar Powered Vertebrate! Turns outAmbystoma maculatum's symbiotic relationship with algae is key to the survival of their eggs. Speculation abounds that other aquatic critters do the same thing. No less strange is Jack Springing Up In Warrington. John Rimmer finds an astonishingly recent account of Spring-Heeled Jack who supposedly vanished at the turn of the century.

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