Thursday, January 17, 2013

What's attacking dogs in Neosho, Missouri? Residents are shaken up and understandably so as several of their dogs have been attacked and even killed by something lurking in the woods. Whatever it is, it seems to be attacking the dogs out of either defense or pure sport, as it leaves the dogs and does not drag them off or eat them. Our guess is an out of place, frightened bear but there's just enough mystery surrounding this to consider other stranger possibilities...meanwhile, over in Wisconsin, people have reported seeing 7-foot-tall 'werewolves'. As if that wasn't enough, they also reported a UFO sighting along with the werewolf encounter. Paul Dale Roberts considers the possibility that the Werewolves of Shawano County, Wisconsin may have more to do with the 'OZ effect', sometimes reported in conjunction with UFO encounters, that leaves witness in a dream-like state and hallucinating. ..Nick Redfern gives us examples of high-strangeness from the UK, with this report on Primitive Humans in the UK, with encounters both in the wild and during a seance, of all places. Micah Hanks creeps us out a bit closer to home with this look at Abduction and Anomalous Non-Alien Kidnappings (Bigfoot?) that are a lot less rare than you'd like to think they are.

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