Saturday, April 27, 2013

The bizarre beast that is terrorizing Puerto Rico is either growing bolder, careless or desperate or a mix of all three as it is discovered killing a goat and then fleeing by leaping over a 9 foot fence. In the process, it left behind both hair and blood on the concertina wire of the fencing which PRMUFON was able to obtain samples from. Inexplicata notes that this seems to be a different creature entirely from the one reported a few days ago that was hit by a car. That creature was winged with a dog-like head, while the fence jumper had no wings and ran on two legs. It seems almost as if an intergalactic circus train crashed and let loose a plethora of strange beasts...Ghost Theory has found a video of PRMUFON's investigation: Unknown Beast Kills Goat--Leaps over 9 Foot Fence.

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