Friday, April 26, 2013

Book Review: Legend Meets Truth: Bigfoot In Rhode Island by Dina Palazini

Terrific look at reports in the smallest state in the Union.

This book, which is rather short, less than 80 pages, really gives the reader a look at reports in an almost unheard-of spot in the U.S. for sightings, the smallest state in the U.S. There are several little-known sightings profiled in this book, as well as Dina's own report from 1984. One witness had a sighting of his own on the same road as the author, and there are special write-ups about Bigfoot by Carl Johnson, a paranormalist, about Bigfoot behaviors and characteristics. There are great color photos of areas where sightings have taken place in RI, including of the area where Dina had her sighting. Dina also shares some her theories on what Sasquatch is, and talks about her appearance on Finding Bigfoot in early 2012 of the video she shot of a possible Sasquatch a few years ago. I really enjoyed this book, full of great information on a state that until recently had not been counted as a state with any sightings of the mysterious bipeds. I give this book a 9 1/2 out of 10, only knocking off a half-point because it is too short.

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