Thursday, April 04, 2013

Fred Contrada: TV show "Finding Bigfoot" brings back memories of cross-country ...
While I don't spend much time thinking about Bigfoot, I do channel surf and occasionally I come upon a show where true believers actually go out and try to find Bigfoot. Many of these folks wear camouflage jackets and claim to know the ways of the woods.
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Aliens, Bigfoot, Lizard People & Crack: Conspiracy Theorists By The Numbers
Crabby Golightly
Fourteen percent of us swear by Big Foot. Four percent of us believe that “lizard people” control our society (Semantics?) And 14 percent believe that the CIA created the crack cocaine scourge that devastated America's cities in the 1980s. Even among ...
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 Animal Planet's Hit Series "Finding Bigfoot" Renewed for Third Season
The Futon Critic
FINDING BIGFOOT continues to find new believers with 41% more W25-54 watching than season one. And in 1Q13, FINDING BIGFOOT helped Animal Planet rank among the top 10 ad-supported cable nets in the 10 PM timeslot based on M25-54 delivery ...
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