Saturday, February 09, 2013

Heuvelmans Biographer Jean-Jacques Barloy Has Died

Since the big hairy hominid has been hogging headlines, most would forget cryptozoology is a deeper field. Malcolm begins with miniature plesiosaurids high atop South American tepuis. Could these be a case of insular dwarfism, or hypoxia? We're tickled that National Geographic sneaked the reference between its covers. From misty plateus to the depths of ungulates, Greg Newkirk is disgusted at a Human-Like Creature Discovered In Bowels Of Slaughtered Sheep. Seeing is believing and Who Forted has a shot of this 'abomination'. Continuing his coverage of controversial chimpanzees, such as The Bili Bondo Apes - Unmasking The Congo's Giant Chimpanzees, Karl Shuker covers the rediscovery and evolution of an unusual primate subspecies.
Browsing the YouTubes, Greg Newkirk stumbled upon a collection of intriguing evidence courtesy of Sasquatch Ontario. Knocks, howls, hand and footprints are yours to discover, and ponder, if confirming Bigfoot is just around the corner. There's hope of this on the horizon as Jeffrey Pritchett finagled an interview with Jeff Meldrum And William Barnes On The Aerial Drone Hunt For Sasquatch.

Sasquatch : Legend Meets Science

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cryptozoologists generally explain Bigfoot as an unknown ape, some believers in Bigfoot attribute the phenomenon to UFOs ...

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