Saturday, February 09, 2013

Creature Weekend Speaker Line-Up Announced!!!!!!

The following message is from Bruce Harrington, Director of Creature Weekend.

It's hard to believe we are only months away from another exciting Creature Weekend Conference! Last year, our conference was an incredible success.  Thanks to our All-Star lineup of speakers, dedicated volunteers and perhaps the finest audience that any conference could hope for,  we hosted a spectacular program in front of a full house at Salt Fork State Park -- Not bad for our first year!  With our guided tours of Salt Fork's Bigfoot Hotspots, and free workshops on choosing wildlife surveillance equipment, collecting and analyzing evidence, and casting tracks, we raised the bar on conferences at Salt Fork and had a lot of fun doing it! It was an educational and fun event that the attendees are still talking about almost a year later. As they say, the rest is history... and if you want to be part of history in the making at Salt Fork, please join us for Creature Weekend 2013!

This year we are pleased to announce our lineup of speakers for Creature Weekend 2013:

Pat Spain - You know him as the intrepid host of the National Geographic Channel's Cryptozoology Reality Show, "Beast Hunter". On this show, we followed Pat as he traveled the world, investigating sighting reports and looking for mysterious monsters. Now, he has arrived at Salt Fork to share his experiences and adventures,  both in front of and behind the camera. What really did happen during his expedition to search for the elusive wild man of Sumatra???  This is a rare opportunity that you will not want to miss!

David Paulides - The author of "Tribal Bigfoot", "The Hoopa Project", and the popular series, "Missing 411 - Eastern United States:Unexplained Disappearances of North Americans that have never been solved", "Missing 411 - Western United States and Canada:Unexplained Disappearances of North Americans that have never been solved" and the upcoming "Missing 411 - North America and beyond", Dave Paulides has spent the last several years researching missing persons reports at state and national parks all over the US and Canada.  During the course of his investigation, he discovered some peculiar patterns that seem to indicate that these disappearances may not be so random and may involve foul play.  Who or what could be responsible??  If you have been fortunate enough to hear his interviews on the "Coast to Coast" radio show, you know that his missing persons stories are bone chilling.  Dave was also instrumental in bringing the Bigfoot DNA project to fruition.  The project, led by Dr. Melba Ketchum,  involved analyzing hundreds of Bigfoot DNA samples.  Upon mapping out the Bigfoot DNA, Dr. Ketchum made some startling discoveries which Dave will be sharing with us at the conference.  Join us for Dave's first appearance at Salt Fork!

R. Scott Nelson -  Scott Nelson was a trained Crypto-linguist for the United States Navy.  His job in the Navy was decoding encrypted transmissions. With his background in languages, he realized that the bigfoot vocalizations that have been recorded by various researchers contain a structure which is consistent with some sort of language.  In other words,  these bigfoot vocalizations may be part of a larger communication system that these creatures use to interact with members of their own species.  Listen to what Scott has to say about his research and you will be surprised at what you will learn.

Ron Morehead -  On the Friday night of the conference, we will be hosting a private dinner with the speakers.  A limited number of tickets will be available to the public for this event and our special guest presenter will be Ron Morehead.  Ron will be discussing his life's work, researching Bigfoot in the Sierra Nevadas, as well as his recent adventures in South America.  Please note, Ron's presentation is for Friday night only; he will not be speaking at the conference on Saturday.

And last but not least, Billy Willard and Doug Waller are back by popular demand!  Their presentations entertained audiences last year and earned them some "Microphone time" at this year's conference.  Billy Willard, Director of Sasquatch Watch of Virginia, will be discussing recent sightings and encounters in his home state of Virginia.   Doug Waller, Director of the Southeastern Ohio Society for Bigfoot Investigations and local Cambridge Bigfoot Researcher, will be talking about the most recent Bigfoot Activity at Salt Fork.  

Over the next week, we will be releasing information on the Creature Weekend website (including Schedule of Activities, Ticket Prices, vendor table pricing and registration information. Check back at ( for up-to-date conference information.

Also, we now have a Creature Weekend facebook page! If you haven't already done so, please go to the Creature Weekend facebook page and "Like" the page.  We will be giving away prizes for certain "Like" milestones!
Congratulations to Melissa Adair who already won a Creature Weekend Poster for being the 200th person to "Like" our facebook page! 

One last thing...  you are receiving this advance email notification because you pre-registered and attended the Creature Weekend conference last year.  At the time you receive this email, the information contained herein has not been posted anywhere else on the Internet, including our facebook page and website.  Although the speaker lineup will be posted on our facebook page and website shortly, we wanted YOU to be the first to know. This is our way of saying thanks to all you folks who attended the conference last year and made it such a special event.

We hope to see you all back at Salt Fork for Creature Weekend 2013!

Warmest Regards,

Bruce Harrington
Director, Creature Weekend  

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