Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Survivorman Bigfoot? Ghost Theory
Les Stroud is an experienced outdoorsman, very well-spoken, well respected and above all, level-headed and practical. If he says he heard Bigfoot (twice, once in Australia and the in Alaska) then we believe him. His account is one of the most believable and credible we've ever heard. Glasgow Boy shares reports of another equally elusive creature, but this time he thinks it's Nessie venturing out of her usual area into nearby bodies of water and is convinced that The Beast of the Beauly Firth reported decades ago is actually her. Giving a Fortean mystery a personal touch, Karl Shuker shares the story of The Griffins And The Frog Rain, a 1902 incident involving his own grandmother and a rain of frogs seemingly out of nowhere in England. Loren Coleman gives us his list of Top Ten Cryptozoology Books of 2012 and we would add David Paulides' Missing 411book to that list, although he insists it's not a cryptozoology book. Paulides' work on the hundreds of unexplained missing people cases across the US in National Parks kept some of us late at night and disturbed us so much that at times we simply had to put the books down and walk away for awhile. We consider them a must-read.

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