Friday, December 21, 2012

Bigfoot And The Christmas Star Linda Godfrey's Blog
Taking a break from lycanthropes and cynocephalids, Linda Godfrey checks in with the neighbors of her favorite beasts. She has the heartwarming tale of a Wisconsin tradition crossing paths with an American icon. Having warmed your cockles, Guy Edwards has noticed PEMCO Insurance Takes A Sasquatch Poll. Check the results and while you're at it, give your 2¢ for this rigorously scientific survey. Amidst the hubub behind hairy hominids, there is hard science going on and we're not going to touch Dr. Ketchum with a ten foot pole. Instead, acquaint yourself with Robert Muckle who discusses the intersection between Bigfoot And Archaeology. What Bob's found is Bigfoot can be a formidable teaching tool to engage young minds. Perhaps, together, both fields can also figure out If The Piltdown Man Hoax Will Finally Be Solved. Micah Hanks knows motive must be understood and finds parallels twixt Rick Dyer's claims and this notorious paleoanthropological discovery. Of course Bigfoot can't hog the limelight all the time. Karl Shuker has been busy Unearthing The Earth Hound - A Corpse-Devouring Cryptid From Scotland. There may be a prosaic explanation for this necrophagous mustelid, but Karl finds the truth to be weirder than most can imagine.

Behind the Scenes of Finding Bigfoot: “Bigfoot and Wolverines” with Cliff Barackman

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