Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wow! What a story! A dead Bigfoot in a freezer! You couldn't make this stuff up! No, wait...yes, you can: Men claim to have Bigfoot in a Georgia freezer [Hoax]. When this story came across our desk late last night, we honestly thought it was some sort of weird internet hiccup or glitch that was sending us Tweets from 2008. But no, it seems that Georgia has become official hotspot for dead Bigfoot in freezers...we aren't holding our breath on this one. In a weird twist of synchronicity (a concept that most Anomalists are well familiar with), Jeffery Pritchett shares this interview with author Jeffery Wells on Bigfoot in Georgia. Wells' new book has nothing to do with the new hoa...err, incident in Georgia involving the supposed dead Bigfoot in a freezer, but he does touch on the 2008 hoax. His work centers on Bigfoot reports throughout the entire state that date back two centuries, from Native Americans and English settlers to modern day sightings. He believes that there is nothing mythical about Bigfoot and that the creature is actually Gigantopithicus Blacki, a theory that a lot of researchers subscribe to.
It sounds like a new urban legend is brewing in Kentucky as people report livestock being mauled and killed but left uneaten. The strange creature is leaving huge odd footprints behind and evading traps as if were "smarter than we are", says one resident. We think that it's probably a coyote or wild dog and also a slow day at the news station. Perhaps if it evolves into a genuine unsolved mystery a la the Chupacabra, the area will also be visited by the Men in Black, or as Nick Redfern explains--Women in Black. Apparently, the agency that hires MIB has finally updated their 1950s business model and started hiring women and Redfern shares his experiences in Puerto Rico while filming a documentary in 2005 in From MIB to WIB. Men and women in black were spotted conducting their own interviews with local farmers after recent Chupacabra attacks.

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