Saturday, November 24, 2012

It's good to see science being put to good use. Sad to say, they weren't able to find out why the sasquatch crossed the road. FB/FB crunches facts and figures, based upon this unique video, to suss out the speed of an unladen bigfoot. Our next item of interest for 'squatchers', and other cryptozoo enthusiasts, has Froma Harrop discussing Bobo And Bigfoot Over Drinks. She put her skepticism aside to hear from the big man of Finding Bigfoot, listening to his personal experiences and some of the science behind the hunt for hairy hominids. Though the interview may be light, Glasgow Boy gives something one can really sink their teeth into withNessie Books: Plesiosaurs, Plagiarism And Pr├Ągnanz. GB expands his bibliography of 54 Nessie titles with three more, and heartily dissuades people from two other books on Nessie that repackage freely available information from the internet.

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