Friday, October 26, 2012

Book Review: Notes From The Field: Tracking North America's Sasquatch By Will Jevning

This book, written and released in 2010, chronicles a little-known Sasquatch researcher's efforts to quietly and without seeking publicity attempt to prove the existence of the elusive hairy hominids of North America. The book is split into two sections-the first section covers the historical record, including the classic stories such as the Ape Canyon incident, narrated in Fred Beck's own words, as well as some stories included in other books on the subject. The second section covers the research Jevning has done into the subject, as well as his friendship with the late Rene Dahinden. He has also worked with John Green and Bob Titmus, especially in his youth. Jevning has had a few sightings himself, as well as finding tracks near his home when he was younger. He also describes the different bits of evidence, such as tracks (though he is dubious of dermal ridges in footprints), fecal matter, hair and the P/G Film. He also includes a very interesting and informative interview with Al Hodgson as well with a DNA expert Dr. David Coltman. He also addresses some of the most frequently asked questions and answers them with the maturity of experience, nearly 40 years, under his belt. All in all, a really good book, sort of coming out of left field with how good it is. One of the best Sasquatch books I have ever read. Definitely a 10 out of 10. I highly recommend it. It is available on Amazon and also from Mr. Jevning himself. His website is 

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